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AT CENTAUR’S express

Celebrating life’s little moments!

We celebrate life’s little moments by serving you daily our own version of burritos, CentaurRitos, and Lifestyle Bowls. Our fast counter service, pick-up and catering service are hosted in an iconic express establishment that triggers the welcoming thoughts related to travelling.


  • CentaurRito: It’s love at first bite with Our CentaurRitos (our own version of burritos), which are packed with flavours and a variety that entices your senses and fit in with our philosophy of honest, tasty and healthy food, to be enjoyed on a daily basis. Every bite of our CentaurRitos will excite your tastebuds, as all our proteins have been responsibly sourced, slow cooked for 12 hours, and are free of any preservatives and artificial ingredients.
  • Lifestyle Bowls: Create your own bowl of joy by selecting the protein, side and dressing, and choose from the distinguished flavours of the Asian, Mexican or Arabian. The same love and care goes into the creation of our bowls, as in our CentaurRitos, providing really enjoyable textures and tastes.
  • MinY Meal: With a choice of chicken tenders or cheese rolls, our MinY Meal has what it takes to satisfy the taste of any kid. With our handcrafted CentaurAkia (baked tortilla chips) or baked jacket bites and our handmade ketchup and mayo, the MinY Meal is simply delicious. Carrot and cucumber sticks, strawberries and orange or apple juice complete the MinY Meal, adding a splash of colour, taste, and joy. It is these authentic, great flavours paired with our essence to celebrate life’s little moments, that we cater to bringing AT CENTAUR’S home too! It is always our pleasure to serve you.