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In 1994 we opened our first specialized shop in Naxou Street in Nicosia offering for the first time in Cyprus all the mobile phones of that time. Since then, we moved on to operate shops in all cities in Cyprus. Today, we have 8 shops operating of which 4 are in Nicosia, 2 in Larnaca and 1 in Limassol and Ammochostos, offering the most reliable brands of smartphones, and tablets as well as all services and products of CYTA with first and foremost the RED programs of Cytamobile-Vodafone.

Our specialization in Mobile Telephony sealed our cooperation with CYTA since February 2001. Throughout the changes that came along the way in all these years in Mobile Telephony in Cyprus and all around Europe we have obtained 27 years of knowledge and experience. We transfer the spirit of knowledge to our customers on a daily basis who in their turn trust us more than any other company. Our specialization and experience in Mobile Telephony give us the right to name our stores Centres of Standards for Mobile Telephony.